CWMA Youth Crew (2009)

Common tansy in Soldotna before control.
Common tansy in Soldotna being controlled.
Common tansy in Soldotna after control.
Before shot of Bird Vetch off Sporst Lake rd. around Soldotna. Photo taken by Doug Koester.JPG
Tyler Haas Darren Brady and Dillon Brady relishing in the fact that they removed a lot of Bird Vetch on Sports Lake rd.
White sweetclover on the Resurrection River, Seward.
Tyler Haas, Darren Brady and Dillon Brady overcome the cold rain to pick a lot of Sweet clover on an island on the Resurrection
Dillan and Darren Brady in a field of oxeye daisy in Seward.
Darren and bull thistle in Kodiak
Crew pulling bull thistle in the rain - Kodiak.
Weed Warrior Elation - Tyler Haas
Tyler pulling common tansy in Seldovia.
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