Common Toadflax, Butter & Eggs


Common Toadflax, Butter & Eggs (Linaria vulgaris) Figwort family

Similar to snapdragons. An aggressive perennial that can reproduce by seeds or rhizomes, with 1 to 25 stems per plant. Woody, smooth, erect, leafy, often in clumps to 2 feet tall. Numerous pale green leaves to 3 inches long, alternate, narrow and pointed at both ends. Flowers borne at the end of each stem in spike-like clusters, yellow, with central bearded orange patch, one inch long, with a spur extending below the lower lip of the corolla.

A persistent, aggressive invader, capable of forming dense colonies. Toxic to grazing animals.

Common in Kenai Peninsula. Grows in natural and unnatural habitats such as roadsides, waste areas, lake shores, beach meadows, pastures, and edges of forests.

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