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Presentations (2019-2020 pdfs)

Invasie Plants and Weed-free Hay in Homer, Katherine Schake (Homer SWCD)

Invasive Ornamentals & European Bird Cherry, Homer Garden Club, Katherine Schake (Homer SWCD)

Prunus/Chokecherry Control in Alaska, Gino Graziano (Cooperative Extension) & Tim Stallard (Alien Species Control)

Rapidly Responding to Elodea, John Morton (Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, USFWS)

Kenai Peninsula CWMA, Katherine Schake (Homer SWCD)

Invasive Reed Canarygrass, Seldovia Healthy Chatter, Katherine Schake & Kyra Wagner (Homer SWCD)

Brochures and Flyers

New Mayday/ European Bird Cherry brochure:

Responsible Landscaping Pocket Guides to South-Central Alaska

Canada Thistle

European Bird Cherry (Mayday Tree) and Chokecherry Tree

Ornamental Invasive Poster

Alaska Weed Free Straw and Hay

Reed Canarygrass


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Invasive Plant Field Guides

Best Management Practices Guide to Prevention in the Field

Strategic Plan for Invasive Weed & Agricultural Pest Management and Prevention in Alaska

Powerpoint Presentations (prior to 2017)

Invasive Plants: A Spreading Menace

Managing Reed Canarygrass on the Kenai Peninsula

Developing a Grant for Invasive Weed Management in Alaska

Herbicide Registration Process

Hawkweed Control in Alaska

Changing Soils to Manage Plant Communities

Moose as a Vector for Non-indiginous Plants in Alaska

Herbicide Longevity in Alaska Soils

Characterizing Herbicide Fate in Alaskan Soils

Elodea Management on the Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Refuge Invasive Monitoring Update 2014

Threat Vectors for Alaska

Deparment of Transportation Integrated Vegetation Management Plan

Invasive Northern Pike Research and Control

Weed Seedling Identification

Powerpoint Presentation Packet on Elodea

DNR Statewide Elodea Perspective

Elodea on the Kenai

Managing Aquatic Weeds

Suction Dredging Elodea

Elodea Control with Herbicide

Eradicating Elodea on the Kenai


Risk Analysis of Reed Canarygrass on the Kenai Peninsula

Addressing a Landscape Problem at the Local Scale: Managing Invasive Plants on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge 

Lists and Distribution Maps

Comprehensive list of Non-Native Plants on the Kenai Peninsula (2010)

Comprehensive list of Non-Native Plants on the Kenai Peninsula (2019)

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